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Why Work with Us

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Consistency & Support

We invest in the growth of our team

Feedback & Real-Time Coaching

We use a live coaching model for constant professional growth

Instructional Resources

We ensure teachers and staff have the resources they need for both professional growth and their lessons

Rewarding Experiences

We directly influence our students’ lives every day

Consistency & Support

We believe the key factor to student success is high quality teachers. This begins with consistency and support. We offer competitive pay and benefits that recognize hard work, making Milwaukee Excellence a career destination. We also host daily team huddles and provide numerous professional development opportunities so our teachers have the support they need to grow their careers.

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Feedback & Real-Time Coaching

As educators, we work to instill a love of learning in our students. That love of learning applies to us as well! At Milwaukee Excellence, our teachers receive ample professional development and coaching sessions to hone their skills. Coaches are paired with teachers to help refine their existing skills, learn new strategies and troubleshoot persistent challenges to uncover every teacher’s full potential and provide the very best to our students.

Instructional Resources

Our unwavering emphasis on excellence is what drives our students’ and school’s success. Milwaukee Excellence ensures teachers and staff have the resources they need for both their lessons and professional growth. Our facilities are well maintained and stocked with supplies so teachers can focus on preparing high-quality lessons. We also encourage constant growth by providing unique professional development opportunities. Every year, our teachers and staff visit some of the best performing schools in the country to learn best practices and enhance Milwaukee Excellence’s key teaching strategies.

Rewarding Experiences

Milwaukee Excellence is a place where our teachers grow their careers. Our team is dedicated to relentless improvement on behalf of our students because when we rise, they rise. This makes our careers much more meaningful than most and encourages us all to remain committed to bringing our very best selves every day.


What licensure is required to teach at Milwaukee Excellence?

The COVID-19 pandemic has given the entire education community an opportunity to recruit and retain new licensed teachers. This allows those who have a high school degree but do not have a teaching license to still apply to work with us! By partnering with Cardinal Stritch University, interested candidates can take licensure courses while making an impact on our students.

How do pay and benefits compare to other area schools?

On average, we pay more than the average Milwaukee Public School district teacher. We also offer a variety of benefits to cover your healthcare needs and a 403B match! In addition, we offer stipends and bonus pay for afterschool led activities from clubs to sports. Throughout the year, Milwaukee Excellence staff can also apply for professional development opportunities across the country.

Are you in person or virtual?

We are currently teaching fully in person.

What skills do you look for in a candidate?

Overall, an ideal Milwaukee Excellence team member will exemplify qualities that align with our mission, have a desire for a challenge, possess a growth mindset and are data-driven with great organizational skills.

When should I apply?

We always recommend applying as soon as you see an open position on our website. When the position is filled, we remove the job posting.

What do I need to apply?

Make sure you complete the initial application, and then send a resume and cover letter to We will contact you to schedule an interview.

What is the application process like?

We first interview our candidates over Zoom. If we determine you may be the right fit for Milwaukee Excellence, we schedule a 90-minute in-person interview. During this interview, we will have you answer additional questions and go through various scenarios you may come across while teaching at our school. Following this interview, we will forward you a formal offer letter.

For some roles, like principals and assistant principals, this process may vary.