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Regional Team

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Senior Leadership Team

2023.07_Rodney Lynk Jr
Rodney Lynk Jr.

Chief Executive Officer | +EMAIL

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 8.36.19 PM
Lyndee Belanger

Chief of Staff | +EMAIL

2023.07_Stephanie Love
Stephanie Love

Chief Financial Officer | +EMAIL

2023.07_Danielle Harris
Danielle Harris

Senior Director of Pupil Services | +EMAIL

2023.07_Darryl Longley
Darryl Longley

Director of Operations | +EMAIL

2023.07_Andrew Carek
Andrew Carek

High School Assistant Principal | +EMAIL

2023.07_Tanesha Jones
Tanesha Jones

7th & 8th Assistant Principal | +EMAIL

2023.07_Marcus Lynk
Marcus Lynk

6th Assistant Principal | +EMAIL

External Partners Team

2023.07_Branden Joseph
Branden Joseph

Director of Student Life | +EMAIL

Ty Moore, Jr

Marketing Manager | +EMAIL

2023.07_Ericka Watkins
Ericka Watkins

Manager of Family Partnerships | +EMAIL

Operations Team

2023.07_Jeremy Coleman
Jeremy Coleman

Operations Manager | +EMAIL

2023.07_Tanesha Jefferson
Tenesha Jefferson

Front Office Manager & Enrollment Specialist | +EMAIL

Tyson Kingsby

Safety Associate | +EMAIL

2023.07_Kirk Swanigan
Kirk Swanigan

Safety Associate | +EMAIL

2023.07_Erin-Kelly Sykes
Erin-Kelly Sykes

HR Associate & Special Projects | +EMAIL

Pupil Services Team

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 9.46.25 PM
Dr. Sara Carse

School Psychologist | +EMAIL

2023.07_Aisha Davis
Aisha Davis

Special Education Paraprofessional | +EMAIL

2023.07_Gestina Howard
Gestina Howard

Director of Special Education | +EMAIL

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 9.37.57 PM
Aaron Day

School Social Worker | +EMAIL

earl thompson photo
Earl Thompson

Door to Door Transportation