Important Announcement from Rodney Lynk Jr.

Dear Milwaukee Excellence Community, 

It is with such importance that I address and communicate our current circumstances with our Milwaukee Excellence community. In the last two years, there has been a nationwide shortage of 600,000 teachers. This past year, the news has reported that there are 300,000 and growing vacancies as teachers are returning back to school. We are no exception to that report. On August 1st, 2022 we were fully staffed for all our teaching positions. Since August 15th, 2022 to present day, we have lost 4 teachers. Teachers across the nation have shared the same sentiment that they are looking for respect. 

As an organization, we ensure our teachers are well compensated, have the supplies/tools that they need, and also give them the community and voice through relationship building activities at the beginning of the year. As a response, Milwaukee Excellence leaders and teachers are communicating directly to students this week. But in our school, we need the help of our parents to understand the severity of the lack of respect or following through with our systems and expectations as a Milwaukee Excellence student this year. In order for our community to rise together, we need to uphold the expectations of excellence that we all want our students to have. If we are unable to work together, our school community will not be able to give the best education that we want our students to  have.

We need your help as parents to support our systems by:

  • Talk about the importance of showing respect in the classroom. 
  • Discuss the facts of teacher vacancies throughout the country and how a lack of a teacher can negatively affect their success. 
  • Answer our teacher calls and support our staff during the day when we are trying to get your students back to the excellence we are upholding. 
  • Show parent support in our school day by celebrating the team and helping in the schools

Together as a community, we will rise like the Phoenix so that our students can be the leaders of tomorrow. Please contact Rodney Lynk Jr. if you have more questions or concerns at