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Building Lasting Learning Environments

Milwaukee Excellence is intentionally located on the city’s north side to reach students in zip codes where the highest percentage of African American male youth in America are incarcerated. Knowing the power of education, we set out to bring change to this community and make an impact on student lives.

Opportunities to Succeed

Everything we do at Milwaukee Excellence is designed to give our students the opportunity to succeed. Where we learn is an important part of that equation.


Beginning in Middle School

Our students start their education journey at Milwaukee Excellence Middle School, which houses grades 6-8. The campus is organized by wings to allow for smaller classrooms and more individualized learning. It features a gymnasium with a stage area and a spacious cafeteria that serves as a gathering area for lunch and after school activities. The campus also houses a student union to allow students to work collaboratively with one another and hone in on their creative skills using the iMac computers.


New High School Location

Beginning in fall 2022, Milwaukee Excellence High School will be located at a second campus that can better support high school scholars and inspire excellence. This will provide a more stable foundation for students and families to focus on their journey to college and career. The new high school facility offers more classrooms, a dedicated library and computer lab, a college planning office, a ground floor office, significant green space, and ample learning spaces for key electives. Some of which include home economics, film room, weight training and more.


Plans for the Future

As enrollment continues to grow, we will continue to finalize plans for a permanent, lasting school home to serve students on the north side of Milwaukee well into the future.