Parent Portal

Milwaukee Excellence uses technology to engage students and parents at all times.

Below are the steps to login into the Milwaukee Excellence Student Portal. Good luck & keep up! 

  • Step 1: Click here -

  • Step 2: Login with Google

  • Step 3: Click “Use another account” if you do not see your MXCS email address

  • Step 4: Enter your email address: eg.  - Student emails are a combination of their first and last initial + the first four digits of their lunch ID + domain. 

  • Step 5: Password: You know what it is! If not, call Mr. Thomas. 

Challenge Your Student

Parents, encourage your students to complete Lexia and ALEKS units on the weekend. Students can raise their grades in class while at home each day by completing lessons online. Have your child logon today.

Lexia / PowerUp

Students should complete 40 levels per week. 


Students should complete 20 units per week. Students that are able to get ahead should continue.


Knowledge Organizers

All teachers at Milwaukee Excellence create a knowledge organizer for students at the beginning of each quarter. Download and print the knowledge organizers to use for your reference at home. It will help with homework and preparation for tests and quizzes.