Our Model:

What sets Milwaukee Excellence apart is we start with the destination in mind - college. Then we set ambitious goals and work to beat them.

1. Our Students Leave Prepared for Success

Our credit requirements for graduation exceed entrance requirements at top universities. Our students will be prepared to lead in college. 

2. We Develop Curious and Ambitious Students

We offer several extra-curricular activities, including robotics, flag football, chess, girls and boys basketball, NBA Hoops, cheerleading, Mad Hot Ballroom, and tackle football. We provide a diverse set of courses to prepare them to reach their ultimate ambitions. We want our students to be curious about the world. 

3. We Make the Most of a Longer School Day

School starts at 7:45AM and ends at 4:20PM. We have double reading & math instruction while providing daily recess and physical activity breaks. 

6th grade academic schedule.png

4. The Milwaukee Excellence Difference

reading and writing

milwaukee excellence


3X more

traditional school




milwaukee excellence


2.5X more

traditional School



5. We Will Close Learning Gaps by 9th Grade

Students may enter milwaukee excellence one or two grade levels behind but we will close learning gaps with double literacy and math.